THE ADV_™ is an immersive forum that weaponises empathy*.

We facilitate designed experiences in which participants from the general public, from the private and/or public sector develop, engage with, and counter socio-political agendas.

Our method challenges the idea of “ir/responsible knowledge**. By activatinxg participants’ awareness of how society could be reshaped, we create opportunities to gain first-hand insight into structures and systems of power.

Our mission is to create a space for strategic empathy and dialogue. We achieve this by investigating the Mindset/s through which local, national and global impact can be achieved. Our Scenario/s set the scene for participants to identify motivations and clarify their intentions, in order to develop new operational Framework/s*** and tactics among the public and in private affairs.



*Weaponising empathy: The offensive or defensive practical application of understanding.

** Ir/responsible knowledge: The handling and sharing of facts, information, and skills, acquired through experience or education comes with certain responsibilities when dealing with publics.

*** Framework/s: New strategies and approaches developed by the Adv_Forum participants in the Scenario/s.